There was a griminess to it, accentuated by the

Theirevolution on the issue is also something that’s played out in an especially Millennial way: online. The increased visibility of gays and lesbians is thanks in part to the Internet, which allowed the closeted to find a community and made it easier to come out. And a generation of Facebook users will forever have a red equal sign in their profile pictures album from 2013.

When it debuted on the Xbox 360 in 2006, “Gears of War” was a sensory marvel. Its run down world where humans squared off against barbaric aliens was not, as it is now, one of so many dystopian playgrounds filled with burnt out cars and derelict buildings. There was a griminess to it, accentuated by the game’s desaturated color palette, that gave it a look that would be much imitated.

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It was also an emotional day for many Redskins fans who traveled here to honor their heroes. Perhaps 300 or more Washingtonians were in the crowd, a turnout that even drew praise from NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Billy Kilmer was there, as was Brig Owens, both former Redskins and friends of Jurgensen and Mitchell..

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