Or because Putin has all kinds of personal dirt on

cheap nba jerseys Or because Trump is an agent of Russia. Or because Putin has all kinds of personal dirt on Trump. Or because Trump has borrowed so much money from the Russians.. “Upon information and belief, the Parties are in agreement of a cure amount of $729,444.25.2 (UH) asserts that an additional $112,500 is due(for a total of $841,944.25)under the Venue Use Agreement for field replacement which has already occurred and costs and expenses have already been incurred. While the second installment payment of $112,500 is not due until May 2021, the University is aware that an argument could be made by a prospective purchaser in a sale that such amount accrued pre petition and therefore should have been included in the cure amount. As a result, the University is filing this Objection to preserve the issue.

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