A lot of things we could’ve been sharper on

He pitched the ball to his right, like an option quarterback, as a tackler cut down his legs. Davis took the pitch another 17 yards. McKissic wide open in the end zone for a game sealing score.. “They’ll have to learn. People might blitz them like crazy at some point and there will be weeks when they’ll handle it, and weeks when they won’t. I think they’ll both be excellent quarterbacks.

By 2011, Smith’s career seemed to be stuck in a spiral. The 49ers had gone 19 31 in his starts. He had thrown 53 interceptions and 51 touchdowns and passed for 300 yards in a game just twice. The car is an enduring symbol of British Empire, though with a lot of German parts. What can one say? We drive a lot of expensive cars at Autoblog, but it’s a bit hard to understand why there even is such a thing as a Rolls Royce press vehicle. What sort of information could a critic impart? Do you expect to hear it wasn’t nice? Well, it was. Was the V12 not smooth? Like English cream. Was it not comfortable? Its cabin was expansive and its seats accommodating, and its ride was every bit the “magic carpet” Rolls promises, with sensors alerting the air suspension of upcoming unpleasantries in the road surface. And like a magic carpet, the system settles the car back down to earth for a gentle landing when you’ve arrived.

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“If you really want to dwell on it, you don’t ever get over that,” Oakland Raiders Coach Jon Gruden said (via the New York Daily News) in Mobile, Ala., where he is coaching the North team in the Senior Bowl. “It’s the last time that team will ever be together. It’ll never be the same.

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