Consistent behavior sets the bar for expectations

Consistency is one of the key leadership qualities to focus and progress. Consistent behavior sets the bar for expectations from your team, your customers and your audience. It reinforces values and reaffirms that they are important to adhere to. I love Ash; she is one of the prettiest women in the world, but for God’s sake what on earth was that lip? It was like a beauty brand launched a new lip colour called The Kiss of Oompa Loompa. It was 50 shades of wrong in one shade and I don’t blame her since hair and make up can be a brand’s call at times, but I wonder what her team and stylist were thinking. Didn’t they realise that it was totally weird and wrong? I am all for trying out new stuff and experimenting with bold elements in your look but, experimenting for the heck of it can be a disaster sometimes and this was definitely one.

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