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In the rush to protect kids against an infection that makes 400 million people sick and kills 22,000 every year globally, officials ignored warnings that the vaccine should only be used in people who have already been infected once. Dengue is actually caused by four different viruses and the first infection is usually mild, while the later infections are more dangerous. In this situation, vaccinating people who had never been infected sometimes raised their risk of complications if they were then infected with a different strain..

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cheap jerseys nba It now awaits Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature.Here in New Jersey, there is no similar move to change the law.The litigation limits in the state were set into play during the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, as the death toll mounted not only in nursing homes, but in hospitals where a shortage of ventilators raised growing fears that critical life support might be withheld for the sickest of patients.An executive order by Gov. Phil Murphy provided what the administration called broad civil immunity to health care professionals and facilities providing services in support of New Jersey’s COVID 19 response efforts “who are acting in good faith.”Just over a week later, the Legislature launched a fast paced effort to make that immunity law, providing civil and criminal immunity to health care facilities during public health emergencies cheap jerseys nba.

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