“9 Don add pasta before the water is boilingYes

If you adding cheese to the baked pasta, remove the foil, add the cheese and then broil for a couple minutes just until bubbly.”9 Don add pasta before the water is boilingYes, we know it hard to wait! But you only increase cook time (and possibly end up with over or undercooked noodles) if you do this. Add pasta when the water is boiling, and you be good to go.10 Make sure to stirGiving your noodles a good stir while they cook will help keep them from sticking to the pot and each other. (One or two stirs should be plenty.)11 Saut aromatics before adding them to the sauceIf you adding minced garlic to your tomato sauce (and first things first, step away from the refrigerated jar of minced garlic), saut it in a bit of olive oil before adding it to the sauce.

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