1 ranked Ryan Deakin of Northwestern

Posted by youcancallmeal at 12:57 PM on August 3, 2008While the winter stuff tends to be pretty lean and mean and demanding (well, maybe middle guy on a bobsled team) I’d suggest you’d have a better chance in the summer games because some of them are kind of odd and perhaps less demanding of a misspent youth. Table tennis sounds like your best bet. Or maybe get on a softball team.

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157: Much like 125, this class is thin underneath No. 1 ranked Ryan Deakin of Northwestern. Iowa’s Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney), Purdue’s Kendall Coleman and Michigan’s Will Lewan are 6 7 8 in the rankings. So everybody was talking trash, to the point where I questioned was that real or not real? But when you really look at Ali, that was very real for him. The idea that a man caught so much hell, for changing his own name, he didn’t try to change anyone else’s name. Change his own name.

Proper instruction, balanced with competition suited to age group and skill level, offers the program’s youth participants having a great experience. In addition, activities are supervised, making an effort to make sure the safety of one’s child.4. Wear Protective Gear Protective equipment, including mouth guards, pads, helmets and gloves are necessary when playing a sports activity since it helps protect yourself just in case you come in contact with an actual object or with someone else.

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And last thing before we get to the interviews, and the first one here with Bill, is I want to take this time to invite every single one of you guys to a live, online event that I’m hosting this week. Look, it’s really hard to find good deals right now. It’s really, really tough and so I’m going to do a live webinar, an online class this coming week.

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