The city recently commissioned a study by Spectrum

It’s not debatable. He’s not catching 23 TDs. See if you can package Fuller with your third running back and grab Antonio Brown on his bye week. The city recently commissioned a study by Spectrum Gaming, which estimated legal betting annually will bring more than $28 million of value added to the city, including 281 jobs, if the District can launch sports betting this year. The study assumed 163 retailers “would have the foot traffic and resources necessary to offer sports betting,” and also estimated “200 food and beverage establishments would choose to offer sports betting.” But those offerings could largely be limited to a kiosk or two relegated to a corner. The arenas and stadiums can plan for something more elaborate..

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The turret at the end of the rover’s arm appears in two places because of movement during that period. Insets in the upper left and lower right corners of the frame show magnified views of the nearby inscribed rectangles within the mosaic. The patch of ground within each rectangle is about 25 centimeters (10 inches) across.

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