That’s not an excuse, but it is a fact that helps

While it can be very helpful to talk about your problems to close friends and family members, sometimes you need help that the people around you aren’t able to provide. When you need extra support, an outside perspective, or some expert guidance, talking to a therapist or counselor can help. While the support of friends and family is important, therapy is different.

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“Coaches had nothing to do with it,” Browns Coach Hue Jackson said of Griffin being voted a captain last September. “This was all his teammates. Obviously, he has embedded himself within the organization and this team, his teammates. You watch an NFL game and you raise your hands in frustration when you see a flag thrown for an “illegal hit” that you deem perfectly legal. This was exactly what I was doing when Ryan Clark drilled Braylon Edwards this past Sunday. A flag was thrown and the replay showed that the hit was not helmet to helmet contact.

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Pryor was charged with simple assault; his agent, Gregory Diulus of Vantage Management Group, told ESPN that he is expected to recover from wounds to his chest and shoulder. Shalaya Briston, 24, was arrested and charged with criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault. Pryor, a 30 year old Pennsylvania native, is a free agent who spent parts of seven seasons with five NFL teams.

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